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Al-Dar Jordan Est Medical Supplies

ADJE is a pioneering company in the field of medical products and hospital supplies. We are philanthropic in our approach placing human services above business model. We believe in the mantra of giving superior quality, reasonable pricing, technically institutionalized advanced medical products, ensuring a qualitative after sales back up, and most important building the road of trust with our customers. Our products are supplied all over the world with our standing rated as one of the tallest statures in the field of medical supplies. In our company we are covering many fields in Care,. In our business we are depending on our skilled and Professional staff because we believe that they are the foundation of everything we do.

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Our Products

C-Bond fluid®

C-Bond fluid ist dünnflüssig und dringt durch die damit verbundenen, hervorragenden Fließeigenschaften tief in die Retentionen. Dies garantiert einen starken Verbund und minimiert die Randspaltenbildung. C-Bond fluid ist wassertolerant.

Competence universal®

Light curing universal hybride composite for anterior- and posterior-tooth-areas for all cavity-classes. Competence universal is colourstable, high-glossy-polishable and guarantees long-lasting esthetical and invisible fillings. Also usable for the veneer technologly. Can be combined with Competence Flow.

Glass Liner®

Glass Liner is a light-curing, radiopaque cavity liner with a very high pressure-strength and good adhesion to the dentin. Glass Liner contains glass-ionomere, fluorides and could be applied directly. It could be set under all kind of filling-materials.


The one-piece Single implant by HumanTech is a titanium screw implant, self-cutting and with a tapered thread, available in 2 diameters and 4 lengths.


Our sales strategy is to fill in a sales map, thru an analytical study of all types of business opportunities by applying our products ability to occupy all potential possibilities, in three different manners, the first is thru pre-tendering sales promotion and marketing in order to fill in our specs by covering all the sales map, and the second is thru covering all tendering and existing potentials that are not specifically our technical specs., and the third is thru trying to change customer’s minds on products they already have by applying a higher people consist of highly skilled and qualified staff, . They are involved in all aspects of the business, marketing, sales, Services and management

Meet Our Customers

Ministry Of Health

Ministry Of Health

International Committee of the Red Cross /NGOs

Directorate Jordanian Royal Medical Service "DRMS"

Médecins Sans Frontières "MSF"/ NGOs

Civil Defense Directorate "CDD"

King Hussein Cancer Centre

King Abdullah University Hospital /Irbid

Jordan University Hospital

Prince Hamzah Hospital

Our Team

Mahmoud Kilani

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